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My short bio

I am a Graduate of  St. Francis University with a degree in Graphic Design. Married with 4 great kids and 7 wonderful grandchildren. I live in the beautiful state of Michigan.

My working experience has varied over the years. I have been a graphic designer for Lincoln Life Corporation in Ft. Wayne, directed an after school program in Chicago and worked as the Director of Artworks in Big Rapids which is a non-profit community art center. I am currently teaching art at Remus St. Michael school and working in my studio creating unique whimsical pottery. My work has been shown in gift shops, galleries and I also exhibit in  Art Fairs.  But of all the things that I have done I would have to say my proudest accomplishment is being a MOM. 

People ask me why I do what I do...the simple answer is I love to make people feel happy when they see my work. It is pure joy to watch someone look at my work and just smile!


About Lisa Marie

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